Applications and Transcripts

What does a "completed" application mean?

An application is considered completed when we have received: a completed application form; official test score and TOEFL test score if applicable; your essays; all transcripts; and your recommendations. If you complete your interview during our open interview period, it will also include your interview.

Can I submit a scan of my transcripts?

Yes, we will accept scanned unofficial transcripts for evaluative purposes. Please upload all transcripts to the application with your essays and résumé. If you are admitted to the program you will be required to submit official transcripts with your enrollment deposit.

I took classes at various schools and transferred credits to the school where I received my degree. Do I need to submit a transcript for every institution attended?

Yes, regardless of whether your credits from other institutions were accepted by the institution where you received your degree we must receive a transcript from each post secondary institution attended. This includes any study abroad programs attended.

What happens after I submit my application?

Detailed instructions for checking the status of your application and the receipt of the individual required materials will be sent with confirmation that your application was received.

May I submit my application before the round deadline?

Yes, you may submit your application whenever you are ready. It will be reviewed in the first round following the date you submit. For example: If you submit on November 15 you have missed the Round 2 deadline and your application would be reviewed in Round 3.

What is the cost of the application fee?

Our application fee is $150 for the One-Year and/or the Two-Year MBA. You may use the same application to apply to any of our programs. There is a $25 fee for each additional MBA program.

My checklist shows my application fee as incomplete. I thought I submitted payment on-line, how do I fix this?

You will need to contact MBAapplication@emory.edu. Please forward a copy of your receipt with the date you submitted payment and the card holder's name. If you did not receive a receipt following on-line payment, please contact your credit card company and verify the charge. If the charge is not verified please resubmit payment.

I have decided to change my first preference to a different Emory MBA program, what should I do?

Contact MBAapplication@emory.edu and let us know you would like to change your order of preference.

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Can my recommenders submit a recommendation before I submit my application?

Yes. Your request to your recommenders can be sent prior to submitting your application. Once you log into your application, fill out the recommender section and then select "notify" for each recommender. Your recommender will be notified of your request via email. Please tell them to expect the email and to check their spam box if they do not see it within a day.

Do my recommenders have to fill out your recommendation form or can they submit a letter?

We prefer recommenders use our form, but they may submit a letter that addresses our questions as long as they also include the evaluation grid, which can be downloaded from the hardcopy form. They may scan their letter which should include their business card and send it to MBAapplication@emory.edu or to our mailing address: Goizueta Business School, 1300 Clifton Rd, Atlanta, GA 30322.

My recommenders did not receive the request for recommendation, what should I do?

Depending on the filters they may have on their email systems they should look in their spam boxes. If the request is not there, you should contact:MBAapplication@emory.edu.

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Test Scores

I submitted my application but plan to retake the GMAT, what should I do?

Please send an email to MBAapplication@emory.edu and request that we hold review of your application until we have your new scores. If we have not already rendered a decision we will hold your application. Your application will then be moved to the next round. Your application will be considered incomplete until we have your final test score. Once we receive your score your application will be reviewed in the next round.

Do you accept the GRE in place of the GMAT?

Yes, we will accept the GRE. No prior approval is necessary.

Does the Admissions Committee have a preference for the GMAT over the GRE?

No, we accept both test scores. Please note some employers require GMAT scores in the recruiting process.

My checklist shows that my GMAT scores have not been received, what should I do?

Generally, it takes 3 weeks for us to receive your scores electronically. In order for us to receive your scores you must have listed Emory University Goizueta Business School as a recipient. If you did not list Emory (you can check this by looking at your copy of your scores) please contact GMAC directly and add us to your list of authorized recipients.

Is there a minimum GMAT score required for admission to the program?

Your GMAT score is only one of the components we consider when making an admission decision. There is no minimum requirement, however 80 percent of the students in our Two-Year program scored between 610-730 and in our One-Year program the middle 80 percent scored between 570-740. If your scores are outside these ranges and you feel your application is otherwise strong, we encourage you to apply.

Should I retake the GMAT if my score falls below the average?

If you feel your score does not accurately reflect your capabilities then you should consider retaking the GMAT. We consider the highest total score.

If I took both the GMAT and the GRE which score should I submit?

If you have taken both the GMAT and the GRE you should submit all scores. We will take into consideration your highest score.

How does the Admission Committee view multiple GMAT scores?

We do not average scores. We consider only the highest total score. Multiple test takings do not negatively impact how an application is reviewed.

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What is your interview policy?

All students who are admitted to our programs have been interviewed. We offer in-person interviews both on-campus and off-campus in select cities around the world. Prospective students may request an interview on campus without an application on file prior to the Round 1 Application Deadline. After Round 1, interviews are by invitation only and at the discretion of the Admissions Committee after a review of a completed application.

May I request an interview if I have not submitted my application?

Prior to the Round 1 application deadline, you may request an interview without submitting an application. After this date all interviews are by invitation only after review of an application. You are encouraged to plan ahead when requesting an interview as spaces fill quickly.

How do I request an interview?

Interviews are scheduled by request during the Open Interview Period, August through the Round 1 deadline. At this time interviews are by invitation only and requests are no longer considered.

I can't travel to Atlanta, may I request a web interview?

We strongly encourage all applicants to visit campus and get to know us and our programs. If you will not be able to travel to Atlanta, then we recommend you apply without an interview and wait for a possible web interview invitation.

Why can't I request an interview when the Admissions representative is in Asia in January/February?

These interviews are by invitation only after review of a completed application. We highly encourage applicants in this region to apply by Round 2 to be considered for an invitation to interview.

Does interviewing in person give me an advantage over a web interview?

No, we view all interview evaluations equally. The interview gives the Committee an opportunity to get to know you better and may serve to answer some questions that were not addressed in your application file. We find that web interviews simulate the in-person interview.

Who conducts the interview?

Generally, a member of the Admissions Committee conducts the interview on campus. During some larger on-campus events trained Alumni interviewers may also conduct interviews. Off-campus interviews are conducted by a member of the Admissions Committee.

How long does an interview last?

You should plan to spend 30 minutes with your interviewer. Please leave sufficient time to arrive at the interview location at least 20 minutes prior to your interview.

What should I bring to my interview?

You will need to bring a copy of your most recent résumé. If your current position or responsibilities have changed since you submitted your application we expect an updated résumé.

Does every applicant interview?

All applicants have the opportunity to request and schedule an interview prior to the Round 1 application deadline. If an applicant does not interview prior to this date, the application is reviewed without an interview. An invitation to interview may be extended following review of a completed application. Deny and Waitlist decisions may be issued without an interview.

My checklist shows the interview as initiated, what does that mean?

If you did not complete your interview prior to the Round 1 application deadline, your application will be reviewed without an interview and it is then at the discretion of the Admissions Committee to extend an invitation to interview.

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When are decisions released?

All applications are reviewed during the round in which the application is determined to be complete (submitted and all required materials received). Decisions are released on-line on the date corresponding to each round.

What happens to my application if I am waitlisted?

Candidates who are waitlisted in one round will be moved to the next round and the application will be reassessed. You may check your status on-line on the next decision notification date. If your waitlist status did not change it means that you have remained on the waitlist and your file will be reassessed in the next round.

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Financial Aid

Is financial aid available?

Yes, loans are available and students may borrow up to the budgeted cost of attendance minus any scholarship. Loans include the Federal Stafford Loan, Graduate Plus Loan, Private Loans and the International Student Loan. The International Student Loan does NOT require a US co-signer.

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What determines whether an applicant receives a scholarship?

All scholarships are merit-based and are determined based on the strength of the application. The Admissions Committee looks at academics, work experience and demonstrated leadership in undergraduate and post graduate extracurricular activities.

Do you offer need-based scholarships?

No, our scholarships are all merit-based. All students may apply for financial aid loans to borrow funds up to the budgeted cost of attendance minus any scholarship received.

How is a named scholarship different from a general merit-based scholarship?

Named scholarships have been donated by alumni, a company or an organization. These scholarships range in amounts. Our most prestigious award, the Woodruff Fellowship, offers full tuition and a $10,000 stipend. Named scholarships may be noted on resumes and recipients are held to the highest standards.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

There is no application for scholarships. All admitted candidates who submitted a completed MBA application, including all recommendations, test scores, transcripts, and essays by Round 3 are automatically considered for merit-based scholarship. We announce merit scholarship awards when we communicate our admission decision.

My admission decision did not mention any scholarship. Does this mean I will receive notification at a later date?

No, our scholarship notification coincides with the admission decision. Our program is highly competitive and not everyone is awarded scholarship. If your admission decision does not mention scholarship it means that you were not awarded a scholarship.

What if I submit my application after Round 3 or my application is submitted before the Round 3 deadline but is incomplete?

We encourage all applicants to submit complete applications by the Round 3 deadline (Jan 8th). Scholarship funds are limited and may not be available to those that do not meet the Round 3 deadline.

When will I learn if I have been selected for a scholarship?

We notify scholarship recipients when we communicate our admission decision.

If I submit my application on the Round 3 deadline will I still be considered for scholarship?

Round 3 is our scholarship deadline. You will be considered for scholarship only if every other piece of your application has been received. Please note that the request to your recommenders is sent when you select "notify". It is highly unlikely that if you wait until the application deadline to notify recommenders that they will submit their recommendation that same day. Therefore, if you want to be considered for scholarship you should leave plenty of time to get all pieces of your application to us before the deadline.

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General Questions

My undergraduate degree is not in business, will my application still be considered competitive?

Goizueta welcomes applicants with undergraduate degrees from all majors. We look for students with diverse educational backgrounds and diverse work experience.

Is work experience required or can I begin my MBA right after my undergraduate degree?

We encourage applicants to secure at least two (2) years of post-undergraduate work experience prior to pursuing an MBA. 80 percent of our students have between 3-6 years of work experience. Substantive work experience means you will be able to contribute more to classroom discussions and will have more focus with regard to personal and professional goals.

I began an MBA program at another school. Do you accept transfer credits?

No, we do not accept transfer credits.

I have a three year bachelor's degree from a University outside the US. May I apply to Goizueta Business School?

We will consider applicants who hold this type of degree. However, given the highly competitive nature of our applicant pool, applicants with significant work experience and additional education beyond the three-year degree are viewed as more competitive.

I already received an MBA from another institution; will I able to apply to your program?

If you have earned a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree in the United States, you are not eligible to enroll in a Goizueta Business School MBA Program. Exceptions to this policy will be considered on a rare case-by-case basis if the degree is considered not comparable to the academic and experiential content of Goizueta Business School's MBA Program.

What is the reapplication process?

If you are re-applying within two years of your original application, you are required to submit: The online application, an updated résumé, re-applicant essays, a new or updated recommendation and a $150 re-application fee. It is not necessary for re-applicants who have completed an interview within the last year to interview again, but we strongly encourage you to do so. If more than two years have passed since your last application, you must complete all parts of the admission application.

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Academics and Program Logistics

When does the MBA Program start?

The Two-Year MBA program begins in late July and the One-Year MBA program begins in early May. Both programs commence with a mandatory two-week-long Onboarding program and team-building exercises. Domestic students should plan to arrive in the area at least one week prior to Orientation.

International students also attend a week-long, mandatory International Student Orientation, which precedes the general MBA Onboarding and provides an important foundation for all international students. This program introduces students to expectations of professors and fellow students, and provides networking opportunities with current students, alumni and faculty. International students should plan to arrive and settle in Atlanta by early-July for the Two-Year Program and by the end of April for the One-Year Program.

Will I be able to work and travel during school semesters?

Our program is very intense in the initial semesters. We do not recommend that Two-Year MBA students work or travel during their first semester. Subsequent semesters do allow for more flexibility to accommodate part-time work and travel.

Students in the One-Year MBA program should not make any travel or employment plans for the summer they begin classes.

Do I have the option to waive out of any core classes?

Yes. We provide the option to waive out of core courses. We recommend that students with functional or academic expertise who wish to waive out of a core course take the waiver exam associated with their functional area. Waiver requests should be directed to the Program Office.

Two-Year students who successfully waive out of core courses may take elective courses in their place. One-Year students may take a waiver exam to waive out of one of the core summer courses. By waiving a core course, One-Year students may take an elective during the evenings, if offered, or a 6th course in either fall or spring semester.

Can I do a study abroad during the MBA Program?

Two-Year MBA students have the opportunity to study abroad during their time at Goizueta. We have over 20 direct relationships with schools in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Goizueta is also a member of the Partnership in International Management, an organization with over 35 member schools that arranges exchange opportunities. Students have completed a semester at schools in countries such as Austria, Hong Kong, France, Italy, Mexico, Spain, and The Netherlands. Typically 15 or more international exchange students join the MBA class each year.

Due to the short time frame of the One-Year Program, students are not able to participate in a study abroad program. However, there is still an opportunity to travel abroad to explore the business and cultural environment of another country through program trips in August and our Mid-Semester Module in the spring semester.

What housing is available for MBA students?

Recently, Emory expanded its graduate professional housing in venues on the edges of campus targeted to student's needs and desires. Emory provides shuttles to these units. In addition, the Emory area offers a wide variety of attractive and affordable housing options including apartment complexes and rental homes. Admitted students receive more information on housing following admission to the program.

How can my spouse/partner become involved?

Our partner's club is quite active. All partners and family are encouraged to participate at events throughout the year.

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