World-Class Education

When you add up our educational components, you can see how the Goizueta Evening MBA will immediately impact your career. Students tell us that they experience a significant change in their thinking, enabling them to approach problems more holistically and with an expanded arsenal of new skills. Further, they share how they are viewed differently by peers and superiors because of their new capabilities. This often means additional opportunities in their current position, or sometimes having entirely new opportunities presented to them. "Instant applicability" is an intrinsic part of the world-class education you receive at Goizueta and students see rewards from their MBA from Day One.

The hallmark of a great MBA program is the education you receive. Goizueta Business School's Evening MBA program is a preeminent academic program, offering a wide range of business acumen taught by an outstanding faculty. As a result, Goizueta graduates have the heightened skills and deeper understanding needed to experience a lifetime of career and personal success.

Prestigious Reputation

Your degree says a lot about you. It can communicate your interests, your commitment and even your aspirations. At Goizueta, students and alumni tell us their Evening MBA degree speaks volumes in the workplace, giving them access to new business opportunities and interactions that exceed their expectations.

Our program is recognized as one of the top Evening MBA offerings in the country and the most elite and respected in Atlanta. Our namesake is the late Roberto C. Goizueta, former CEO of The Coca-Cola Company and arguably one of the most successful chief executives of all time. His association with our program underscores our Core Values; virtues understood and revered by successful businesspersons worldwide. 

From our ties to Emory University – a 175-years-old, preeminent private university consistently ranked in the top 20 for research and student experience – to our industry leading faculty, and innovative courses… A Goizueta MBA conveys a standard of excellence consistently proven over several successful decades.

World-Class Faculty Scholars

Our faculty represent some of the leading academic talents in business. Ranked No. 6 for faculty research among the top 100 business schools, their expertise ranges from managerial accounting, to marketing analytics, to asset pricing, to applied investment strategies.

Students benefit from this knowledge in a multitude of ways. First, all courses include relevant topics and cutting-edge research, making classroom learning applicable to your day-to-day job. Second, our strong relationships with industry bring business leaders to campus regularly to provide insights from their corporate boardrooms, strategic off-sites, and operational meetings, often giving rare and valuable perspective. Finally, the range of topics covered at Goizueta means there is always an expert in the building who can help you tackle academic and professional challenges.

Breadth and Depth of Electives

Our Evening MBAs have full access to a host of resources at Goizueta – including an expansive suite of core courses as well as all 90+ electives.

Unlike other part-time MBA programs which restrict student course options, Goizueta students can customize their experience due to complete elective course accessibility – the same courses, in fact, that our full-time MBA students get to choose from. This breadth and depth of electives is an invaluable opportunity for Evening students to create academic experiences relevant to their current responsibilities while building skills for future career aspirations. Consequently, our graduates are more well-rounded than other part-time MBAs, and better positioned to succeed in a variety of industries and functions around the globe.