Robust & Relevant Curriculum

Learning 9 to 5 90

Our innovative curriculum strengthens your business foundation with nine core courses and hands-on exposure to industry challenges. These techniques create Next Day Effectiveness and prepare you to choose from the 90 elective courses geared to fortify your career goals. Goizueta also collaborates with schools throughout Emory University to create options to ensure you get the most from your MBA experience.

Get the best from the best

We believe a curriculum is only as good as those who teach it. That's why our Evening MBA classes are taught by thought-leading faculty who are recognized as world-class scholars. Their expertise ranges from managerial accounting and asset pricing, to marketing analytics and applied investment strategies. By incorporating their marketplace-changing research into the classroom, you're able to apply the leading business principles to your job sooner. Their extensive connections also mean you get exclusive access to insights from corporate boardrooms and operational meetings; and there is typically an expert in the building to help you tackle academic and professional challenges.

Your passport to a global perspective

Goizueta is committed to ensuring you experience global business, not just reading about it in a textbook. That's why we've created a variety of international study modules to develop your global business acumen. Few part-time MBA programs have international partnerships, and Goizueta is proud to partner with leading universities and programs in China, Brazil, and the Netherlands to offer faculty-led international study experiences. Additionally, Goizueta annually offers faculty led international study trips to Nicaragua with the Social Enterprise@Goizueta center, as well as to various destinations chosen in part by students in the Colloquium. Going behind the boardroom doors in other countries prepares you to meet and interact with business partners worldwide.