Intimate Learning Experiences

An MBA program is more than just a series of lectures, problem sets, and exams – it’s the sum of the experiences you have along the way.  No other part-time MBA program offers the unique, close-knit environment we have at Goizueta, where we have consciously created an intimate, engaged and enjoyable community for Evening students to flourish in their studies and careers.

Cohort Team Structure

Your classmates are an important part of your experience in an MBA program, academically, professionally, and personally.  At Goizueta, we value this interaction  and have developed a cohort structure to facilitate the knowledge sharing and networking  crucial to a successful MBA experience. Each year's incoming Evening MBA class, or cohort, begins the program together in August and takes their initial core courses together during their first three semesters (Fall, Spring, and Summer), enabling them to adjust to and take advantage of the challenges and rewards of a rigorous MBA program as teammates. This fosters an environment of collaboration and also builds friendships which will become connections vital throughout your career.  This competitive yet healthy structure, rare among MBA programs, creates bonds between classmates that promotes spirited discussion of new ideas and constructive criticism that helps all our students develop into better leaders in all aspects of their life.

Meaningful Faculty Relationships

Imagine having your own personal “Board of Advisors” – experts across myriad topics and specialties. Now imagine that you personally interact with these advisors weekly, giving you a “go-to” person when tackling a project at work or preparing a strategic recommendation.  At Goizueta, this is a reality, as Goizueta faculty insights and perspectives are readily available to you as you navigate your career and build your business toolkit. Evening MBA students can develop in-depth relationships every day in our intimate community truly getting to know our accessible, world-class faculty. This is a unique and invaluable benefit for our students unmatched at other programs.

Our size and structure allow faculty to be open and accessible to students in ways other schools cannot offer. Goizueta faculty routinely assist students beyond the classroom to ensure academic success, and typically go even further by directly connecting students to industry leaders. They often serve as advisors for our student entrepreneurs and sounding boards for business ideas.  Interactions like these cannot be duplicated in other large-scale MBA programs, meaning Goizueta uniquely provides such long-lasting support for your overall success.

Immersive International Study

We live in an increasingly global world where business issues span continents at Internet speed.  At Goizueta, we want our students to experience global business, not just read about it in a textbook.  Therefore, all our Evening MBA students participate in an in-country, international study module.

Goizueta is one of only a handful of part-time MBA programs in the U.S. to have partnerships with leading universities and programs in China, Brazil, Argentina and Nicaragua and offering faculty-led international study trips.

This provides the means for our students to gain a truly global perspective firsthand -- the best way to learn how to effectively conduct business abroad.

Unparalleled Interactions, Lasting Relationships

When you look back on your Evening MBA experience at Goizueta, you will have great memories of time well spent.  You will recall conversations that expanded your thinking, travel that provided a broader perspective and relationships that fueled your success inside and outside the classroom.  We are confident our intimate community provides an ideal environment for such experiences, which will pay lifelong dividends for you.