Life at Goizueta

Goizueta offers one of the most personal Evening MBA experiences in the region. In fact, if you ask students what they enjoy most about Goizueta, they will often tell you it's the supportive community that fosters close relationships among students, faculty and alumni. From faculty who support students' careers to the School's dean who personally mentors students, this is a community that wants you to succeed and will encourage and challenge you every step of the way.

You may want to know if Goizueta also has a competitive environment. Sure, after all, we are a world-class business school. But, in almost every case, the competitive situations you'll face are focused on building your skills, not tearing you down. That's because, at Goizueta, we believe the best business leaders are at once tough competitors and great collaborators.

Building Community from Day One

At the beginning of your program, you will participate in new student team-building and leader development exercises. These exercises are designed to help you get to know each other, build trust and tackle leadership challenges to prepare you for the journey to come. While the specific activities are different for each incoming class, the team-building goal remains the same.

Forging Futures and Friendships

You'll quickly discover that Goizueta is a group of students who thrive on building lifelong friendships, sharing knowledge, and learning from one another. From team meetings, to after class social gatherings and celebrations on the weekends, you'll develop bonds with your fellow classmates both inside and outside the classroom that will go far beyond your time at Goizueta.

Bring Your Boss to Breakfast

At Goizueta, we also strive to create a welcoming community for your employer who has a vested interest in your MBA education. Each year, you and your boss are invited to attend a breakfast event where a faculty member provides a short presentation on a hot business topic. Bosses and students enjoy the breakfast, the knowledge, and the networking. Recent speakers and topics have included:

  • Peter Roberts, "Apply For-Profit Business Acumen to Social Enterprise" (2013)
  • Nick Valerio, "Investing Options During Times of Extreme Stock Market Volatility" (2012)
  • Kevin Coyne, "Brainsteering As a Superior Alternative to Brainstorming" (2011)