Balancing Work, Life and School

We know that balancing work, a career, and for some, a family, can be challenging for Evening MBA students. That's why our supportive community and flexible program is ideal for so many working professionals who want to take their career to the next level.

Our Evening MBA Program Office is continually working to develop support services and time-savers so you can keep your focus where it belongs. It is our mission to ensure that your road to success is paved with opportunities, not obstacles. For your convenience, our office is staffed to assist you in the evenings and on Saturdays when you have class. Some services include campus liaisons; writing center; specialized academic and career advisors; presentation coaches; automatic core course registration; flexible payment options; and on-campus dining options.

Make the Most of Your MBA

Goizueta's Evening MBA program is home to many students who are balancing challenging careers at some of Atlanta’s top corporations while pursuing their MBA. Our Evening MBA students offer this advice on how to make the most of your MBA experience:

  • Utilize all the resources Goizueta has to offer, especially the professors
  • Take full advantage of opportunities to meet and learn from new people
  • Explore subject areas outside your comfort zone
  • Remember why you decided to further your education and let that sustain you through the tough times