Management Practice

Management Practice in the Evening MBA program prepares working professional students for Next Day Effectiveness in their current positions. Students are given complex problems involving real business issues and tasked with "figuring it out." Through the MP module, students develop the confidence to address the ambiguity of the marketplace and learn a proven process and associated tools to navigate messy, unstructured problems in a collaborative manner. They also acquire the people skills to organize and deploy effective project teams, and strengthen their communication skills to develop and sell high-quality, action-oriented solutions.

The training received in MP helps students apply their core skills by integrating them with three interconnected work processes valued by the marketplace:

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Managing Projects and Teams

Getting things done is essential for every successful business professional. The most challenging problems involve multiple issues and usually require the talents and energies of persons with different backgrounds and areas of expertise. Students learn methods for planning and facilitating teamwork, and managing the work required to guide complex, multi-faceted projects. MP helps students practice their skills in managing team dynamics, facilitating creativity, resolving conflicts, and giving and receiving feedback.

Solving Problems

Today's business environment generates problems that typically do not arrive well-structured; some don't even announce their arrival. Students learn how to identify critical questions, decompose them into manageable and logical parts, and then create the work flows required to analyze those questions. Critical analytical thinking skills are used to arrive at good insights and recommendations that are grounded in good logic and solid evidence.

Communicating and Persuading

Creating value in the business world often requires people to take action. Students gain the skills and confidence to communicate objectives, plans and proposals in a convincing and knowledgeable manner, in order to drive change. This component of Management Practice strengthens a wide variety of oral and written communication techniques and overall presentation skills. Focus is placed on developing an authentic style, interviewing experts, listening, asking strong questions, and using story-telling to meet the needs of organizations.

Current & Past Management Practice Clients

The slate of Management Practice projects spans a wide range of professional interests and directions. Often, Goizueta Business School alumni serve as clients enriching and deepening the experience for our current students. Past MP clients have included blue chip organizations like The Atlanta Falcons, Popeye's Restaurants, The Michael C. Carlos Museum, Turner Broadcasting Inc's Adult Swim television network, and Newell Rubbermaid.