The Evening MBA Curriculum: Robust and Relevant

At Goizueta, the education you earn is more than stats and statements. But we have to admit, ours are pretty impressive.

More Than Coursework

Goizueta's curriculum infuses principled leadership, experiential learning, career development, and a global perspective. Our unique course structure ensures the optimal balance of foundational courses, electives, and co-curricular options. The result? A well-rounded, polished education that prepares you for possibility.

Gain Momentum From The Start

Goizueta's curriculum starts with the end in mind, and that begins at the beginning. It's structured so that you'll complete the majority of your core courses in the first year. Benefit early and benefit often.

You'll be exposed to crucial business realities from day one, contributing to your Next Day Effectiveness and enhancing your ability to apply theory to reality. Forge your foundation in focused, traditional disciplines: finance, marketing, strategy, management, and operations. Then bolster that base with skills such as structured problem solving, economics, financial accounting, and professional communications.

Customize Your Curriculum And Your Career

You've got vision. Hone it through one of more than 20 concentrations, including emerging topics like healthcare, social enterprise, and real estate. Broaden that vision through 90+ electives and co-curricular elements including clubs, organizations, and volunteer opportunities.

The co-curricular module Management Practice expands your understanding of real-world business issues, breaking down the barrier between classroom and boardroom. And you'll do more than learn; you’ll collaborate, observe, grow, and develop alongside fellow students from different industries and backgrounds.

No matter where your career takes you, you'll find yourself prepared to maneuver through ambiguity and navigate the difficult decisions of the business world. Why? Because you start preparing on day one for the series of day ones to come.

And on day two, things really get moving.

Join a Class of Leaders

The reputation of a Goizueta MBA from Emory draws largely from the curriculum that serves as its foundation. And that curriculum draws professionals from all disciplines, industries and geographies. And why shouldn't it? Our alumni prove the immediate and enduring worth of a Goizueta MBA each day.

You will, too, applying your in-class learning to at-work situations within days, not years.

Employers recognize the name and what it signifies -- that's why Goizueta graduates are some of the most sought after leaders in business today -- and tomorrow. That's because our Leadership Development course hones professionals into principled leaders.

While business is in constant flux, principles endure. As a principled leader, you'll be prepared for however the market may change and wherever your career takes you.