Marketing affects every consumer purchasing decision, and a marketing background provides skills necessary to spend dollars and target audiences wisely. Goizueta’s marketing faculty places a strong emphasis on marketing strategy with faculty research revolving around making rigorous conceptual and theoretical advances and empirically testing theories in the strategy area.

Several of our faculty members have received "best paper" awards for research published in the Journal of Marketing, the oldest and most cited scholarly journal, focusing on topics such as market structure, marketing strategy, and evolution of customer preference. Our faculty members also play visible roles in the editorial boards of leading journals and in national academic conferences.


  • Business Development
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Product and Brand Management

Recently Offered Electives

  • Customer Behavior
  • Global Marketing
  • Marketing Intelligence
  • Marketing Seminar
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Nonprofit Marketing Consultancy
  • Product & Brand Management
  • Sales & Business Development

Emory Marketing Analytics Center (EmoryMAC)

EmoryMAC is a unique educational and research enterprise where leading scholars and business leaders will assemble and collaborate to address issues related to marketing analytics and performance management for major stakeholders--customers, employees and shareholders. As part of a Marketing Analytics certificate program, EmoryMAC will provide students the opportunity to work directly with firms solving real world marketing problems and work with faculty in developing new support models that will aid marketing decision making. This research will examine the increasingly important role of science-based competitive strategy and differentiation in marketing management.