Modular Executive MBA

Good Business Starts With Building Relationships

The Modular Executive MBA Program (MEMBA) provides critical education and invaluable one-on-one experience to advance your career. Since it's designed for high-level business executives and accomplished professionals in sectors such as the medical and legal fields (among others), you'll learn just as much from the collective real-world experiences of your peers as you will from our esteemed faculty. Every class is an opportunity to build connections and expand your network.

Developed featuring a lock-step curriculum, the MEMBA Program provides students with a structured schedule of courses, covering a broad range of business topics and resulting in a robust general management education. Beginning in September of each year, the 20-month program incorporates nine residencies (on-campus, full-day class sessions) which are held quarterly. And by merging co-curricular components such as Executive Insights and Global Business Practices with electives like Entrepreneurship, we provide a unique academic experience that can be tailored to your career endeavors.

Flexibility & Accountability

Our Hybrid Approach

Emory University's Goizueta Business School is committed to making our degree programs work for you. Consider our progressive General Management curriculum in our Modular Executive MBA (MEMBA) program, which fortifies business acumen then immerses you into the future of business through co-curricular options and electives. This unique, blended teaching method provides the flexibility of at-your-pace, online learning delivering a rigorous and relevant education made manageable for busy executives. It also reinforces accountability -- to your classmates as well as yourself -- through robust, week-long classroom experiences held on-campus quarterly. So if you're ready for "complete-ability", you're ready to join our next cohort.