Class Profile

Goizueta's hybrid learning model isn't built for everyone, but it does attract those who understand the value of a room full of different perspectives. In our MEMBA program you're surrounded by elite professionals who thrive on personal accountability and results. They also have achieved success across myriad industries and functions, regions and countries. This unique combination of successful and expansive mindsets boosts in-person learning, career exploration, and leadership development. It also forms the start of the lifelong network that will assist you from the classroom to the boardroom. Being among a group of professionals committed to their own -- and the team's -- continued success means you are investing in a diversified portfolio of people and experiences with unlimited possibility for return.

Modular Executive MBA Program

Goizueta Business School has a long-standing commitment to diversity. This commitment is core to our goal to develop principled leaders for global enterprise. The application process highlights the diversity of a candidate’s background – including industry, functional expertise and cultural experience. The goal is to have a wide array of viewpoints represented during class discussion and team activities. The communication skills and the understanding developed during the program make Goizueta Business graduates effective at leading multiple functions, working in global organizations and managing a diverse work force.

Class of 2016

Average Age 38
Average Years Work Experience 14
Women 23%
International / Dual Citizenship 17%
U. S. Minority 24%
Languages & dialects spoken 26
Graduate degrees 30%

Modular Executive MBA Class Profile by Functional Area

Employment By Functional Area Percentage of Class
Financial Management .1
General Management .2
IT Management .13
Medical Services .1
Operations Management .23
Research & Development .1
Other .14
Employment By Functional Area Percentage of Class
Financial Management 10%
General Management 20%
IT Management 13%
Medical Services 10%
Operations Management 23%
Research & Development 10%
Other 13%

Modular Executive MBA Class Profile by Industry

Employment By Industry Percentage of Class
Education .23
Financial Services .17
Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology/Healthcare .13
Consulting .13
Media/Entertainment .1
Technology .07
Manufacturing .07
Professional Services .03
Real Estate .03
Other .04
Employment By Industry Percentage of Class
Education 23%
Financial Services 17%
Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology/Healthcare 13%
Consulting 13%
Media/Entertainment 10%
Technology 6%
Manufacturing 6%
Professional Services 3%
Real Estate 3%
Other 3%