Modular Executive MBA

Good Business Starts With Building Relationships

The Modular Executive MBA Program (MEMBA) provides critical education and invaluable one-on-one experience to advance your career. Since it's designed for high-level business executives and accomplished professionals in sectors such as the medical and legal fields (among others), you'll learn just as much from the collective real-world experiences of your peers as you will from our esteemed faculty. Every class is an opportunity to build connections and expand your network.

Developed featuring a lock-step curriculum, the MEMBA Program provides students with a structured schedule of courses, covering a broad range of business topics and resulting in a robust general management education. Beginning in September of each year, the 20-month program incorporates nine residencies (on-campus, full-day class sessions) which are held quarterly. And by merging co-curricular components such as Executive Insights and Global Business Practices with electives like Entrepreneurship, we provide a unique academic experience that can be tailored to your career endeavors.