Management Practice - Problem Solving Amid Ambiguity

Everyone knows that business is messy. In the marketplace, it is likely that the problems you'll face won't come with instructions. Business today presents situations that are both complex and challenging, and most often without a clear beginning, middle or end. But for those reasons and more, Goizueta has designed an academic experience to teach our students how to solve those messy, ambiguous problems and set themselves apart from the pack.

Our Executive MBA Management Practice course (MP) teaches the necessary strategies for approaching difficult business situations no matter the intricacies and challenges. Its purpose is to provide a holistic way to bring together all the business fundamentals and real-world learning from the program so students can feel confident in their way of approaching any business need. Through a series of workshops, sessions and speakers, faculty help you assemble a toolkit of skills that enables you to carefully define problems and structure them for effective teamwork and implementation of decisions.

You will learn the process skills and tools that top management consulting companies use worldwide—providing you with the requisite skill set needed in the increasingly complex world of global business.