Discovering Your Leadership Style

Becoming a leader is a continuous process. A primary goal of our Executive MBA Program is to equip students with the tools necessary to reach the next level in their leadership potential. The program relies on assessment instruments, individual coaching, and related coursework to help our students become more self-aware.

We believe successful leaders must have competencies in each of the following areas, and students learn these competencies in the classroom through a variety of tools:

  • Cognitive - Strategic thinking and problem solving
  • Behavioral - Leading others and communication skills
  • Emotional - Self-awareness and understanding others
  • Relational - Managing interpersonal relationships

Additionally, Executive MBA students participate in the following courses which are built into the curriculum to formalize leadership training with the academic experience:

IQ Meets EQ

"People skills" don't always come naturally. But for those who can combine business fundamentals with integrated leader development skills, they will find themselves well on their way to mastering relationship management, too. Our MEMBA curriculum incorporates personal assessments, coaching, and coursework around an academic focus on the four key areas of leadership: cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and relational.

Our program delivers top-ranked academics to distinguish you from your peers on the job today, while simultaneously offering insights on how to identify opportunities for your future. The Career Management Center for Working Professionals (CMCWP) offers courses tailored to maximizing your executive trajectory. Take advantage of available CMCWP workshops -- from Building your Personal Brand to Redefining your Skillset for a New Audience -- as you translate your experiences. Use these new skills to network with other successful alumni and business leaders, creating the perfect outline for the next phase of your career.

Modular EMBA Leader Development Courses

  • BUS 667 - Leadership Styles and Best Practices
  • BUS 668 - Leading Organizational and Personal Change & Transformation
  • BUS 669 - Managing Teams and Individuals

Weekend EMBA Leader Development Courses

  • BUS 531 - Organizational Behavior and Leadership
  • BUS 557 - Leadership and Lifework