Take A Different Look at Business

For as long as we've been educating executives, we've been challenging the status quo. At Goizueta, we believe that better decision-making remains the most invaluable core asset for long-term success in business, and that's why we make it paramount in our approach. Learning how to obtain information, interpret data, and read the environment are core skills that will always remain in demand--skills we instill in each and every graduate.

Emory's Executive MBA curriculum is designed with this goal in mind - to develop your strategic thinking skills, and expand your competency as a leader. Our general management curriculum will provide you with a broader foundation to help you become a more well-rounded professional. This approach will help develop you into a more complete, knowledgeable professional, and make you better suited to lead your organization. Students across each of our programs benefit from faculty who incorporate their relevant industry experience into their lessons. You'll also have continual access to workshops, speakers, and events designed to complement the lessons you're learning in the classroom. It's this comprehensive look at business that makes us so good at what we do - which is build business leaders for today, tomorrow and beyond.

Management Development

We examine how leaders define, structure, and solve complicated business problems that determine the success of their companies and careers through our Management Practice courses, which draw on the real world experiences of various consultancies and executives. The innovative curriculum is grounded in the belief that the ability to problem solve under any circumstances is critical to business success, producing an approach to learning that is full of impact and completely evergreen.

Leadership Development

Our curriculum is complimented by a holistic leadership development element that seeks to help every student unearth their leadership potential. To better understand how leaders manage themselves, their teams, and organizations to affect positive change, our program provide examples of leadership inside of and outside of business with our Leadership Practice courses. Through courses, as well as modules and training opportunities, you will learn the value of core leadership skills such as communication and the ability to influence others.