Strong Foundations To Take You Higher

A top MBA program can be characterized by the impact and depth of its academic experience. Our globally-recognized Executive MBA provides students with the academic foundation that top business leaders need to stand out among the masses. Goizueta's world-class faculty designed this sequence of coursework with an eye towards a holistic, evergreen learning process that can deliver impact from day one. Taught in a lock-step course formation, the core classes span the traditional business topics, while electives and other co-curricular options round out your experience.

Within the foundational courses, the major academic areas you will study include:

  • Accounting: In this area, you will evaluate enterprises by measuring and communicating business performance across various tools. This includes financial accounting and strategic cost management theories.
  • Finance: In this area, you will learn the gamut of financial topics including micro-investment theory, economics of uncertainty, the role of financial markets and institutions, the regulation of financial products, firms and markets, the theory of the firm, and corporate governance.
  • Information Systems & Operations Management (ISOM): This area covers the myriad systems and processes that define the operating and information practices in firms, markets, and society. It also incorporates new technologies that can impact and affect business output.
  • Marketing: In this area, you will focus on ways an organization can determine, create, communicate and deliver its ideal value proposition to meet the needs of customers. You will also learn about data incorporation, brand building and product lifecycles.
  • Organization & Management (O&M): This area studies how and why organizations and individuals behave and interact. This includes strategy, leadership and other key topics.

Executive MBA students are required to complete one elective course to satisfy degree requirements. These electives are offered during the course of the Executive MBA program. During the program and for up to two years after graduation, students also have access to electives offered in the Evening and Full-Time MBA programs.

Current Electives

Modular MBA

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Emerging Topics in Finance

In the Modular format, one standard elective is included in the curriculum.

Weekend MBA

  • Negotiations
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Healthcare Seminar Series

Apply Your EMBA to the Business of Health

The U.S. Healthcare system is undergoing a fundamental transformation. Amid legislative, regulatory, technological, and demographic changes, healthcare professionals and administrators are being asked to do more with less -- and to deliver higher quality care to more patients -- in an environment of constant change and significant regulatory uncertainty.

The Goizueta EMBA Healthcare Seminar Series examines "best in their industry" systems and tools used to manage businesses, and reframes them for the healthcare sector. Developed by faculty and advisors from the Goizueta Business School, Emory's Rollins School of Public Health, and outside experts, this series is designed for seasoned personnel of the healthcare system, including practitioners, administrators, and consultants involved in the delivery of care, as well as the design and management of the field's systems.

Throughout the Healthcare Seminar Series, participants focus on some of the most important issues facing U.S. healthcare:

  • Strategic agility
  • Leading and managing change
  • Cost and quality management
  • Value-based delivery

By opting to take this seminar series healthcare, graduates "learn on Saturday and apply on Monday" -- by taking away new perspectives and practical approaches on the unique challenges within their organizations.

Independent Study

As an Executive MBA student at Goizueta, you'll have the option of completing an independent study project to satisfy your elective requirement. Many Executive MBA students use this option as a chance to dive deeper into an area of interest, whether in your current work or in an arena you are interested in pursuing in the future. The opportunity to partner with our top faculty on issues salient to you makes this opportunity great for those looking to better understand a topic or area of business. Recent study areas have included:

  • Consumer Behavior
  • White Paper on Profitability on Investments in Sustainable Real Estate
  • Starting a merchandising company
  • A business plan for luxury global tourism corporation
  • IFRS Convergence in the Aerospace Industry
  • Business plan for Emory's Institute for Drug Discovery
  • Renewable Energy