An Entire Team Dedicated to Advancing Your Career

At Goizueta, we understand that managing your career is a constant, lifelong process. Our Career Management Center for Working Professionals (CMC for WP) was created to be one of the first of its kind - a place where career advisors specialize in partnering with high level executives to help you set career goals, make connections and identify opportunities and ultimately build a plan for your lifelong career management. The center provides one-on-one coaching, distinctive workshops, and a multitude of tools and resources to help you manage your career and meet your professional development goals.

Since we understand that career management is an ongoing effort, we ensure these resources are always available to you, both now and in the future. You'll continue to have access to our job postings, workshops, and career coaching through our Alumni Career Services. In addition, the Goizueta and Emory alumni networking events are always a great way to stay engaged with the school and on top of new opportunities.

Career Workshops

A host of career focused workshops are available to Executive MBA students, allowing you to get to work on your career as soon as you begin the program. Past workshop topics have included:

  • Personal brand and image
  • Working with executive recruiters
  • Networking strategies
  • Resume writing
  • Utilizing job search tools and other resources

Career Coaches

Our CMC for WP provides every Executive MBA with a career coach to facilitate one-on-one career support, as defined by the needs of the student. Our career coaches work with you based on your specific needs and interests, helping to:

  • Identify and define your career goals
  • Explore career options and create a career plan
  • Devise a networking strategy to market yourself
  • Critique your resume and cover letter
  • Practice interviewing skills and salary negotiation
  • Stay accountable to your plan