BUS 691 - Leading With Emotional Intelligence

Leader Development is a 2-credit course that spans the fall semester in the second year of the Two-Year Full-Time MBA Program. The design of this course is founded on a belief that development of leader capability is central to the mission of the Goizueta Business School. The course is based on, and will be measured against, a competency model that is anchored by specific competencies representing the cognitive, relational, emotional and behavioral dimensions. These competencies will be developed through a combination of experiential learning design, assessment, and lecture-based instructional methods. The experiential component will require engagement and involvement beyond the formal class schedule.

Course Objectives

  • To prepare students to immediately contribute as leaders in a meaningful way to employers upon their graduation
  • To expand each student's self-awareness, recognizing that strong self-awareness is the cornerstone to effective leader development
  • To create challenging, provocative learning environments for students to explore new skills and behaviors in a risk free setting
  • To support and reinforce concepts taught in other core and elective courses within the curriculum
  • To practice the disciplines of self-reflection and continuous learning in order to sustain newly acquired skills and experience