BUS 669 - Managing Teams and Individuals

In today's fast changing business world, individuals are called on more and more to work with others as both members and as leaders in a team setting. Yet, there is little opportunity to develop the knowledge, experience or skills in effectively managing teams. Consequently, this course is designed to increase students' awareness, knowledge and capabilities in creating, developing and participating in high performing teams.  The class will combine theoretical knowledge about teams, practical application to particular team issues, and develop an awareness of our own style of interacting in teams.

The course has both a macro and micro perspective as it will focus on leadership implications along two dimensions: (1) of large-scale organizational transformation; and (2) of significant personal transformation. The course will integrate many of the learnings from all of the previous courses and address how leaders lead themselves as well as the entire enterprise.


  • BUS 669P
  • BUS 669M