BUS 643 - Customer Relationship Management

The purpose of the course is to provide the relevant frameworks, tools, and processes for more effective management of CRM tools and web-based analytics. The course will involve estimation of customer lifetime value, net-promoter scores, RFM analyses, and the evaluation of loyalty programs. Students will also be expected to run a search engine marketing campaign in Google, and conduct a variety of web-based testing techniques useful for site design and email campaigns. Discussions will focus on the management of web-enabled marketing phenomena such as blogging, social networks, and online auctions. The course is best suited for individuals who are targeting marketing management (whether brand, sales, or research and strategy) and general management positions, consultants, and entrepreneurs.

This course addresses the big-picture issues in business: What determines overall corporate performance? Why do some companies succeed, while others fail? And what, if anything, can managers really do about it?


  • BUS 643E