BUS 642 - Innovation in the Healthcare Industry

This course examines the current issues and the fundamental business tools required to understand innovation in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device segments of the U.S. healthcare sector. The primary focus of this course is for students to acquire an understanding of key innovation topics, including: research and development, capital acquisition, clinical and market testing, and commercialization of these emerging life sciences innovations as they apply to companies in the healthcare industry. Students in the course will complete a real-world case study by working with selected life sciences researchers/entrepreneurs to assist them in developing a business plan that covers the areas of capital acquisition (venture capital and foundation sources), market sizing and commercialization of a potential innovation.

This course is intended for students with a background and interest in the business aspects of new product development in the life sciences. This course will provide students with knowledge and experience in the areas of analysis of markets for, and assessment of the commercialization potential of, products and services that have been developed by researchers in Emory's Life Sciences programs. The course will involve presentations by subject matter experts in technology transfer, venture capital, government funding and management consulting. In addition each student will work, as part of a team, with researchers to assist them in assessing the commercial feasibility of their life sciences innovation.