BUS 639 - Ethics for Leaders

The course objectives include increasing awareness of the ethical dimension of business conduct, developing analytical skills for identifying and resolving ethical issues in business, and practicing decision making about ethical issues. Students will study topics like employee privacy, employee fairness, employee loyalty, information acquisition, conflicts of interest, ethical issues in advertising, international business, social responsibility to employees and consumers, and many other topics.

The classroom format will be discussion-based with cases, exercises, reports on current ethical issues in the headlines, and guest speakers.  Assignments include class participation, a group project in which you will debate a controversial issue, and an individual paper on a topic of your choice. 

This intensive course is designed to aid you in understanding better, and further developing, your skill and intuition in resolving ethical dilemmas. The course is highly interactive and we will use case discussions, group exercises and simulations to gain greater insight into how each of us approaches ethical challenges.


  • BUS 639M