BUS 632 - Negotiations

This course is designed to offer students the opportunity to develop their ability to effectively negotiate in a global business environment.  The objective is to help students increase their abilities to manage conflicts as a constructive force that enhances organizational learning and change.  A critical component of the course will be self-assessment and self-awareness. This course is offered to help students gain a deeper understanding of their own personal dynamics and the effect of these dynamics on their negotiating styles.  This course will attempt to enhance students' skills in implementing change through effective use of power and negotiation. 

The course will be taught largely through simulations to provide an opportunity to learn by doing.  While readings and discussions will provide necessary theoretical background, much of the learning will come from the application of the theoretical lessons through the process of negotiating with others.  The simulations will proceed from a relatively simple one-on-one negotiation, to small groups, to larger team negotiations.  In a parallel manner we will proceed from relatively simple internal organizational issues (i.e., managing your boss, dealing with internal competition among peers) to more complex relationships (i.e., customer/supplier issues, competing corporations). 


  • BUS 632P