BUS 547 - Product and Brand Management

The course is designed for both marketing specialists and generalists. The course exposes students to the contemporary challenges faced by a broad variety of firms in developing and launching new products, creating and maintaining brand equity, and managing products and product lines.  The settings of the cases and exercises used in the course are quite diverse in terms of the sizes of the organizations involved and the types of markets they serve.  Hence, the course is relevant to students whose interests are in general management and consulting as well as those who expect to work directly in brand management (e.g., consumer packaged goods) or product management (e.g., technology or industrial markets).  The pedagogy is a mix of lecture/discussions, case studies, computer-based analysis exercises, and a simulation.  By the end of the course, the objective is that you will have acquired skills that will allow you to manage your products and brands to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, command greater price premiums, and efficiently allocate your marketing resources.


  • BUS 547E
  • BUS 547M