BUS 542 - Market Intelligence: Making Data-Driven Decisions

This course will teach you how to use marketplace data to make business decisions. It is aimed at the executive who is the ultimate user of the research and who is responsible for determining the scope and direction of research conducted on his/her behalf. It will be particularly valuable to students planning careers in brand management, strategic consulting, marketing consulting, international management roles in industries like consumer packaged goods, entertainment, financial, sports marketing, etc.  In order to lend realism to the material, the course will introduce research techniques and data used in large companies like Coca-Cola, Procter and Gamble, American Express and Merck. The course has three major themes:

  1. Taking general managerial problems and structuring them in terms of specific questions that can be researched.
  2. Understanding primary and secondary sources of market/consumer insights, including issues in data collection.
  3. Becoming familiar with specific techniques for analyzing market/consumer insights data once it has been collected and using those analyses to make better management decisions.