BUS 540 - Marketing Management

The class introduces participants to concepts and principles of marketing management. The major role of marketing in a company (or public agency) is determining, creating, communicating and delivering a value proposition that meets the needs of its customers. In addition, marketing in its boundary-spanning role introduces the "voice of the customer" into the firm, helps build long-term relationships and ensures that the firm builds equity with its customers. Course objectives include:

  1. To provide you with an introduction to marketing concepts, the process required to develop marketing strategies, the nature of key strategic decisions (i.e., value creation, communication, delivery and extraction), the dual goals of creating satisfaction for the customers and loyalty.
  2. For those who are intending to pursue a more in-depth examination of marketing, this course will provide you with a set of basic tools to enable you to interact effectively with marketing specialists and a foundation for subsequent in-depth study in other courses.
  3. Participants will be expected to learn the "language of marketing." It is also expected that by the end of the course you will have a solid understanding of marketing issues, the major decision areas under marketing responsibility, the basic interrelationships of those decision areas, and an appreciation of how to apply key frameworks and tools.

Focus on the analysis of complex marketing problems, such as marketing in the knowledge economy, achieving a market-focused organization, understanding customers and competitors, and relationship marketing. Operate a marketing profit center while you craft and implement team-based marketing strategy using a computer-driven simulation.


  1. BUS 540E
  2. BUS 540M