BUS 530 - Leading Organizations and Strategy

Leading Organizations and Strategy focuses on the job, viewpoint, and skills of the general manager of a firm in diagnosing what is critical in business situations and in finding realistic solutions to strategic and organizational problems. We will examine issues central to the long- and short-term competitive position of the company. This class will introduce you to crucial strategic and organizational skills, all of which will have a substantial impact upon organizational profitability and your own successful career.

Part 1: People. We’ll start with individual and team-level concepts within organizations: personality, decision-making, motivation, performance, teamwork, and ethics. This section will address issues such as how to effectively incent employees, make informed decisions, evaluate performance, work effectively together on a team, and incent ethical behavior in the workplace.

Part 2: Strategy. In the second part, we will focus on strategic issues: industry analysis, competitive advantage, corporate strategy. The content of this second section will focus on how industry-level trends and the firm’s resources shape business unit strategy. A key focus will be on building strategy that produces long-term sustainable profits.

Part 3: Leadership. In the third section, we will highlight critical issues that span strategy and leading people: organizational culture, change management, and strategic networks. This final part of the class focuses on how to deliver effective strategic implementation through organizational culture, how to lead strategic and organizational change, and how to use social networks to foster organizational and individual profitability.