BUS 503 - Global Macroeconomic Perspectives

This course introduces global concepts, frameworks, issues and tools that will enhance the analytical skills and world-view of MBAs. This course has two major focuses: global macroeconomics relevant to MBAs and development of leadership skills necessary to succeed in global business. Topics covered include:  globalization, international trade, foreign direct investment, development of emerging economies, basics of international finance and global investing, balance of payments, and global demographic trends. The course structure is designed to help students develop their own global perspective; this aim is enhanced by numerous global leaders who serve as guest speakers.

This course will broaden EMBA students' awareness of the impact of global economic, financial, political, and demographic trends on all business.  It also provides students with conceptual frameworks and tools for analysis critical to conducting business in the international environment.  Implications for human as well as economic development are discussed.  Current trends and case studies as well as important historical events and models are studied.  Topics covered include the raging debates over globalization, trade deficits, offshoring of jobs, exchange rates, and possible manipulation of currencies.


  • BUS 503M