BUS 497R - Finance Honors Seminar

This course is open only to Seniors with an overall GPA minimum of 3.6 and an average of 3.7 in the finance depth. Area honors seminars are offered to students who have a deep interest in an academic field and who have excelled in course work in the area. It is an opportunity for students to become further ground in the intellectual models and current research employed by scholars in the field. It is anticipated that a student completing an honors seminar will be able to differentiate himself or herself as someone with an in-depth understanding of scholarship and its application. Seminars will focus on research in the field and will provide students with cutting-edge thinking and the ways in which it will influence practice. Courses are conceived to be very focused on discussion and active interaction. Readings will be complex and thought-provoking. A component of the course will include guest lectures by senior faculty in the area.


  • Corporate Finance