BUS 488 / BUS 688 - Real Estate Development

This course will present a comprehensive look at the real estate development process. The curriculum will lead the class through a staged development and introduce the various components and individuals involved in a project. The plan for the class is to supplement the teaching with a number of outside speakers from the real estate industry that specialize in specific aspects of the development process as well as respected real estate leaders from the industry.

This course will provide a comprehensive overview of the real estate development process. The course will offer weekly seminars addressing different components of the development process including land acquisition, due diligence, entitlements, legal considerations, design, financing, pricing, marketing, lease-up/sell-out, property management and asset stabilization. The course will be taught by a lead instructor, in conjunction with specialists each week that focus on a particular component of the development process. In a team setting, students will perform a simulated development throughout the semester with deliverables due at stated development milestones. The course will conclude with presentations to seasoned real estate professionals.


  • Corporate Finance
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Cross-Listed

  • BUS 688P