BUS 471 - Applied Entrepreneurship

This course is a second level course for those students who have previously taken BUS 436, designed specifically for future entrepreneurs and business leaders. While the first level class is focused around building a business plan and pre-launch of a business, this class is focused on the actual “how to” of starting, building and running a business. In this course, you and your team will act as CEOs of a new venture. The primary goal of this class is provide you with as close an experience as possible to actually starting and implementing your own business. This class is very “hands on” and active class participation is critical. We will focus on several essential business and entrepreneurial concepts including determining where risks and opportunities exist within the competitive landscape; creating tactics that are high impact and easy to implement; understanding how to increase your sales closing rates and grow your business quicker; leveraging your effectiveness of working with partners and minimize the risks associated with partnering; negotiating effectively with investors (or as an investor); determining if a business should be closed or if it is worth investing more time and money; and recognizing when is the best time to sell your business and establishing how much it is really worth.


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Principles of Organization and Management
  • Strategic Management