BUS 459 / BUS 659 - Process Analysis and Six Sigma

This course builds upon BUS 351, treating process analysis in detail. Process analysis is a key component of Six Sigma programs. Six Sigma is an approach for performance improvement that was made famous by GE and is currently being implemented by thousands of companies. The analytical skills you learn in this course are important to many employers and can be foundational for a career in operational performance improvement.

Even though Motorola developed Six Sigma nearly 20 years ago, it is becoming more popular among both manufacturing and service organizations. Six Sigma's structured approach links business-level performance to business processes and uses well-established tools to find and eliminate sources of waste and variation. Students who take this course will learn how Six Sigma fits into an integrated strategic approach to process management, how Six Sigma tools can be applied to improve both service and manufacturing operations, and how to manage Six Sigma projects in organizations. The course includes an industry-based Six Sigma project, and reflects the educational requirements for Green Belt certification.


  • Process and Systems Management
  • Cross-Listed

  • BUS 659P