BUS 451 - Making Effective Decisions

Every aspect of your life is surrounded by decisions those made by you and those made by others. Imagine how much better your life would be if all of your important decisions were as good as they realistically could be. As your career grows, your decisions will become more and more important. Many of them will entail considerable risk. Many will also involve potential competition. Most of them will be neither clear-cut nor obvious. You have acquired the tools of rationality. In this course we will examine the bounds of rationality and how decisions (and problems) are made under the influence of those bounds. Our journey will takes us from the influence of groups and social media, to the psychology and neuroscience underlying deception, economic choice, risk, emotional influences, and social and ethical decisions.  The goal of this course is to examine both how you currently make your decisions and how a variety of methods will allow you to significantly improve your decision making and problem solving skills. All this comes from the enormous amount of research in the last few years about how people make decisions and solve problems, and how they can make their decisions and problem solving better.


  • Data and Decision Analytics