BUS 450 - Foundations of Digital Enterprises and Markets

Our personal interactions, our interactions with businesses and government, and interactions between businesses are increasingly occurring in digital environments. Whether you are a financial analyst valuing investment opportunities, a marketer evaluating sales channels, or a consultant framing up new technological opportunities for your clients, understanding the foundations of these digital environments will be critical to your role as a leader in the next decade, as advances in technology continue to lead to new ways of working, new ways of interacting, and new ways of making money. This course lies at the intersection of business, economics, and digital technology. You will emerge from the course with an appreciation of how the technology powering digital enterprises and markets is creating new business opportunities as well as shaping the way we live and work. You will learn about fundamental principles surrounding information systems (e.g., information architecture, data mining, data privacy and security, authentication, and human-computer interaction) and information economics (e.g., network externalities, information asymmetry, and role of technology standards). The course will be interspersed with technology briefings that will showcase emerging technologies. These briefings are designed to stimulate student interest in emerging technologies and help student groups embark on a class project that examines an emerging technology.