BUS 449 - Marketing Strategy & Customer Relationship Management

Marketing strategy is the frameworks and processes that help a firm to decide, ‘what should we do?’. The course introduces the managerial tools and processes for generating, communicating and implementing marketing strategies for a company, product or brand. Increasingly firms’ marketing strategies are evolving from being solely product-centric to being replaced by or augmented by a customer-centric approach. The course will consider strategies for managing customers as valuable economic assets, considering topics such as customer acquisition, customer retention and customer lifetime value. We will explore how marketing tactics and strategies can be used to grow a firm’s overall customer equity. The course is best suited for individuals who are targeting marketing management (whether brand, sales, or research and strategy) and general management positions, consultants, and entrepreneurs. This course is a Marketing Knowledge / Tools Elective designed to build students’ analysis and insights toolkit.


  • Marketing