BUS 446 - Advertising & Marketing Communications

This course provides students with an understanding of the role of integrated marketing communications in the overall marketing program and its contribution to marketing strategy. The course objectives are threefold: 1) To help students gain an appreciation of what is required in managing the various aspects of marketing communications within organizations by understanding the communications mix including advertising, PR, Sales Promotions, Direct Marketing, Internet and Interactive Marketing and Sales Promotion; 2) To enable students to examine and evaluate the artistic creativity and technical expertise required in marketing communications; and, 3) To help students gain firsthand skills in developing an integrated marketing communications campaign, including creative strategy and media planning, budgeting, campaign design and analysis. This course is also intended to make students more aware of the challenges and issues faced by marketers in the wake of radical changes in the marketing communications discipline and to provide students with a comprehensive set of theories, concepts and approaches to apply toward career endeavors.


  • Marketing