BUS 417 - Professional Accounting Research

The objective of this course is to develop familiarity and expertise with tools and techniques for framing research questions about accounting issues, finding authoritative answers to such questions, and communicating the results of your research. To achieve this objective we will focus on the following four elements:

  1. Structured Approach: Develop a standard three paragraph approach to identifying, motivating, and establishing the scope of a research question;
  2. Databases: Explore online and electronic databases commonly available to professional accountants, analysts, and investors;
  3. Communication: Using research templates and in-class presentation opportunities, practice communicating the results of your research, including making recommendations and providing assurance of coverage of critical issues;
  4. Laugh-Out-Loud Tests: Develop expertise in testing the reasonableness of your answer.

Learning new technical accounting literature is not a primary objective of the course, although researching a question that has uncertainty attached to it will involve learning new facts, procedures, and positions.


  • Financial Accounting