BUS 355 / BUS 555 - Appcology: New Commerce Infrastructure

This course will explore issues associated with the emerging forms of applications and services changing software ecosystems and commerce interactions. We will involve both design and development of real apps, gizmos, and widgets. This course will enable students to learn the design, development and distribution of the small and the many, and leave with a portfolio, not just a certificate. This will be a workshop/project-oriented course and participants will work on themed projects in app development, including work with Emory Communications, the Halle Institute, and other Emory schools and centers. In addition, participants will lead and contribute to themes at an Emory App Fair on mobile applications.

Engage in New Software Environments: With the assistance and experience of actual app developers, we will explore the design and creations of these “snack-size “applications for mobile and desktop environments. The course will consider the opportunities for new patterns of communication between organizations and their mobile stakeholders.


  • BUS 555P