The Strength of Goizueta Alumni

The Strength of Goizueta Alumni Network

Goizueta alumni are known for their ability to contribute to an organization immediately. Goizueta provides its students a solid foundation and a broader perspective through a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum infused with principled leadership training, real-world experience and global perspective. This, along with their experiences working in dynamic and diverse teams on actual business problems, means upon graduating, our alums are prepared for a lifetime of accomplishments within your organization. Below are a few ways that you can connect with Goizueta Alumni.

Resume Books

For companies interested in experienced hires for immediate openings, Goizueta's alumni from our BBA, MBA and PhD programs are a rich source of diverse talent. You can browse alumni resumes that meet your specific recruiting objectives by ordering a customized resume book via our online system.

Job Postings

If you are seeking more seasoned talent, job postings can be made available to Goizueta alumni from our BBA and MBA programs at no cost to employers. If you would like to post a job to Goizueta’s alumni, please click here.

Alumni Career Fair

The Alumni Career Fair held in the spring is targeted at companies that have immediate hiring needs. The fair is open to Evening and Executive MBA students and Goizueta Business School Alumni. Company reservations are required. If you are interested in being a part of the fair, please email

For additional questions, please email Danielle Rubenstein.