Recruit Full-Time MBAs

At Goizueta, we make it easy for you to interact with our students and staff in meaningful and productive ways. Our goal as career professionals is to help you identify and build relationships with candidates who have the skills that fit your organization's immediate, short and long-term goals. We understand that each organization has different needs, and we are committed to helping you develop a recruiting strategy that works best for your company's goals. That's why we offer a wealth of ways to recruit at Goizueta.

Calendar of Events

2014-2015 Full-Time MBA Recruiting Calendar

July 17 Summer Networking Event
Aug 11 Classes Begin for 2016s
Aug 27 Classes Begin for 2015s
Aug 27 Resume Books Available- 2015s and 2016s
Aug 27 Recruiting Begins -- Company Presentations & Event Sponsorship Begin
Sept 1 Labor Day
Sept 5 Goizueta Career Connection
Sept 10 Full-Time Interviews Begin
Sept 18 -19 National Black MBA Conference (Limited On-Campus Recruiting)
Sept 24 - 26 Religious Holidays
Sept 25 - 26 National Society of Hispanic MBA Conference (Limited On-Campus Recruiting)
Oct 3 Religious Holidays
Oct 13 - 14 2015s MBA Fall Break
Oct 20 - 24 2016s MBA Exam Week
Oct 27 - 31 Career Trek Week for 2016s
Nov 24 - 28 Thanksgiving Recess -- University Closed
Dec 8 - 12 Final Exam Week (No Recruiting Activity)
Jan 8 - 9 New York Investment Banking Internship Interviews
Jan 12 Classes Begin
Jan 12 Internship Interviews Begin
Jan 19 Martin Luther King Day - University Closed
Feb 24 - Mar 6 Mid Semester Module (Limited On-Campus Recruiting)
Mar 9 - 13 Spring Break
April 10 A Day in the Bay MBA Interview Forum (San Francisco)
Apr 27 - May 1 Exam Week (No Recruiting Activity)
May 11 Graduation

Hallmark Recruiting Events

Goizueta Career Connection

Get a head start on recruiting by attending the Fall 2014 Goizueta Career Connection (GCC)! GCC is our annual career exploration and networking event that allows over 400 students, alumni, and business partners to build contacts with current and future business leaders.

There are two elements to GCC, both of which provide great opportunities to network with our students. The afternoon session is an ideal event if you are looking to meet future intern talent. Company representatives will have the opportunity to meet with small groups of First Year MBAs that are interested in your company. The evening networking session will consist of both intern and full-time candidates and is a great way to brand your organization.

To find out more information or sign-up for GCC send an email to or contact your Goizueta CMC Employer Relations account manager.

Summer Networking Event

Our annual Summer Networking Event, is an informal way to meet and interact with the 2015 One Year, Evening and Executive MBA students before the official start of Fall Recruiting. Resume books of registered students will be available for your review in advance.

To find out more information or sign-up for the Summer Networking Event send an email to or contact your Goizueta CMC Employer Relations account manager.

Corporate Visits (TREKS)

The Career Management Center and student clubs host TREKs in Atlanta, New York, San Francisco and Boston in different functional areas. During these TREKs, approximately 100 first-year students concentrating in Finance, General Management, Healthcare, Marketing and Technology will visit the participating companies to learn more about the industry, company and internship opportunities. Activities during visits are varied and can include information sessions with company representatives, case studies, site tours or panel discussions.

New York Investment Banking Interviews

Each January, Emory hosts an interview day for investment banks in New York City. This is a very cost effective way for companies to meet our quality candidates interested in NY investment banking, as students pay for their own travel and Emory provides the interviewing space. Each year, approximately 25 Emory students travel to New York for the interviews. Some past company participants have included: BAML, Barclays, Credit Suisse, JP Morgan, Nomura, RBC, SunTrust Robinson Humphrey, UBS and Wells Fargo.

On-Campus Recruiting

There are many ways to get involved with Goizueta students on-campus. To schedule the below events, please click here or contact your Goizueta CMC Employer Relations account manager.

Corporate Presentations

One of the best ways to engage with current Goizueta students is to set up a corporate presentation. A presentation to MBA candidates prior to your interview dates gives you the chance to increase your brand awareness and share information about your employment opportunities and position requirements. On-campus presentations are held in classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment. Our career professionals will help you customize your visit and assist in marketing, setup and logistics for your event.

Office Hours and Coffee Chats

For one-on-one or small group communication with interested students, many companies schedule office hours or coffee chats either on or off campus. These can be open to all interested students or by invitation only as selected by the company. This is great way to conduct informational interviews or network in a semi-formal setting with MBA students.

On-Campus Interviews

One of the most effective ways to connect with students and assess their fit with your organization is to schedule an on-campus interview. Our career professionals will partner with you to manage the entire interview process from posting the position to scheduling interviews.

If you are interested in sponsoring any of the below events, please email your request to or contact your Goizueta CMC Employer Relations account manager.

Bagels Before Business

Once a month, companies sponsor breakfast in the Commons area. This breakfast is open to all MBA students and is a great informal way for company representatives to build their brand on-campus and network with Goizueta students.

Keeping Everyone at Goizueta Social (KEGS)

Thursday evenings in the fall, students gather in the Commons for time to relax and get to know their fellow students and alumni better. Companies are encouraged to sponsor such events as an easy way to get to know students in a relaxed setting.

Student Club Events

Goizueta has many student-run professional clubs that sponsor presentations, panel discussions, topical programs and symposiums. These provide a perfect venue for you to interact directly with your targeted student profile.

Resume Books

To fill your intern, full-time, or just-in-time hiring needs, request resume books by clicking here. You can browse student resumes that meet your specific recruiting objectives by ordering a customized resume book either via our online system or by emailing us at


Throughout the fall and spring semesters we host several panels designed to help students learn more about a host of professional development topics. Company representatives share their expertise with students on topics such as how to prepare for diversity conferences, how to engage with Alumni, how to market your brand to your target employers, etc.

Executive in Residence

Several experienced professionals volunteer their time and expertise as advisors to our students through individual half-day or full-day sessions on campus. The individual coaching sessions provide students with valuable insights on topics such as career paths, gaining employment and industry specific knowledge. By bringing this expertise in-house, we are able to increase the breadth of the Goizueta community and involve corporate executives on a more intimate level with students. Recent participants have come from companies such as Accenture, The Coca-Cola Company, Deloitte, The Lone Star Funds, Outback Steakhouse International, and SunTrust Robinson Humphrey.

Guest Lecture

Faculty members often seek industry specialists to make presentations in MBA courses. The Career Management Center can direct you to an appropriate professor if you are interested in being a guest lecturer.

Remote Recruiting

Although the most effective way to build your company brand is by coming on-campus, there are still methods to recruit remotely. Below are a few ways to get involved with Goizueta that require limited resources and allow you to engage students from multiple locations. For more details or to schedule any of the below events, please email your request to or contact your Goizueta CMC account manager.

Virtual Presentations

If your company is hosting a virtual presentation, such as a webinars or video-conferences, the MBA CMC is able to market your event to our students. This can be a great way to educate students on your company and available MBA opportunities, as well as, gauge initial interest.

Virtual Office Hours

If you would like to meet with students one-on-one and are unable to travel to campus, the CMC is able to help facilitate the scheduling of virtual office hours.

Post a Job

Our job posting system is a fast and effective way to find some of the brightest emerging leaders in business today. We accept postings for a wide variety of needs from full-time and summer internships to part-time positions, short-term project work, and those seeking just-in-time placements with seasoned professionals.

In an effort to meet your varying employment needs, job postings can be distributed to Goizueta MBA students at no cost to employers. After posting your position, MBA students may submit their resumes electronically, which will be emailed to you.

If you would like to post a job to Goizueta MBA students, please click here. Please note that this job posting forum is only for MBA-level positions.

Virtual Interviews

If you are unable to travel to campus, but have identified students that you are interested in interviewing, the MBA Career Management Center has state-of-the-art technology that allows for video interviews. You may select the students you wish to interview and reach out to them directly, or we are happy to arrange the interviews on campus in your preferred format.

Student Clubs and Organizations

Goizueta has many student-run professional clubs that sponsor presentations, panel discussions, topical programs, and symposiums. These clubs provide a perfect venue for you to interact directly with your targeted student population.

Black MBA Association / Energy Markets Club / Goizueta Association for Media, Entertainment, and Sports (GAMES) / Goizueta Consulting Association / Goizueta Finance Club / Goizueta General Management and Operations Club / Goizueta Healthcare Association / Goizueta Investment Management / Goizueta Marketing Association / Goizueta Microfinance Club and Fund / Goizueta Pride Alliance / Goizueta Real Estate Group / Goizueta Technology Association / Graduate Women in Business / Hispanic Business Association / Human Capital Club / International Business Association / Net Impact / South Asian Student Association / Veterans Club

MBA Conferences and Interview Forums

In addition to Goizueta sponsored events, our students and staff typically participate in the below MBA Interview Forums and Conferences.

MBA Interview Forums

Day in the Bay

San Francisco, CA

Each spring, Goizueta partners with top ranked business schools to provide an interview forum and networking breakfast designed to match hiring companies with MBA talent. This event creates an opportunity to meet and interview pre-selected intern and full-time candidates without traveling to multiple schools. To learn more about or register for Day in the Bay, contact Lori Clomburg, 404.727.0986.

MBA Career Conferences

Each year, Goizueta students and professionals attend the below conferences.

  • Consortium
  • Asian MBA Conference
  • Forte Conference
  • National Black MBA Association Conference
  • Reaching Out MBA Conference
  • National Society of Hispanic MBA Conference
  • Net Impact Conference

Corporate Sponsorship

Strengthen your brand on-campus and support the work of the MBA Career Management Center by joining the Goizueta Corporate Sponsors Program. The Goizueta Corporate Sponsors program is comprised of an elite group of companies committed to the success and future of the Goizueta Business School and its students. By joining the Corporate Sponsors program, you will increase your visibility on-campus, giving your company a competitive advantage in recruiting Goizueta's top talent.

Our employer relations team will work with your organization to determine which sponsorship level best meets your specific goals. For information about joining the Corporate Sponsors Program for the 2014-2015 academic year, email us or contact your Goizueta CMC Employer Relations account manager.

Recruiting Guidelines

The goal of the MBA Career Management Center is to provide outstanding service to our students and our recruiting partners. We make every effort to accommodate employers' requests for services and recruiting arrangements within Goizueta Business School resources while respecting students' academic commitments. To help ensure that the recruiting process results in optimal outcomes for all concerned, the Goizueta Business School has adopted the following guidelines:

Resume Drops

Employers are asked to inform students of their status within two weeks of receiving the application bundle. Additionally, employers are asked to communicate the status of each applicant and next steps to the appropriate member from the Employer Relations Team.

Scheduling Interviews

As expected, students have varying class schedules. In an effort to protect the learning environment, please be flexible in scheduling interviews with those students who have class conflicts.

Interview Follow-up

We ask that companies inform students of their status within two weeks of their interview. Please allow reasonable time to schedule follow-up interviews. Ongoing follow-up with the students is strongly encouraged.

Employment Offers and Timelines

Employers are prohibited from the practice of "exploding" offers. Our experience suggests that students favorably regard those companies that demonstrate flexibility and a willingness to allow students adequate time to make a sound and informed decision. Offer timing guidelines are outlined below:

Full-Time Offers

Any offers made to second-year students should remain open until December 1st or a minimum of three weeks after the date of the written employment offer, whichever is later.

Internship to Full-Time Offers

For students who have completed a summer internship with your company, please provide sufficient time without undue pressure. This allows students to evaluate their employment opportunities, therefore making the wisest decisions for all parties, ultimately reducing renege and attrition rates.

Internship Offers

Any offers made to first-year students should remain open until February 16th or a minimum of three weeks after the date of the written employment offer, whichever is later.

Rescinded Offers

If a hiring company is unable to honor an accepted offer of employment, the Goizueta Business School expects financial compensation to the student consistent with the firm's severance practices for similar positions, covering such items as lost wages, signing bonuses, health insurance and moving expenses.

Reneged Offers

Students are urged to immediately release offers they do not plan to accept. Reneging on offers is considered a serious breach of both our recruiting guidelines and the Goizueta Business School Honor Code.

Delayed Start Dates

If an employer extends an offer and subsequently delays the start date by four or more months past the original start date, the offer is considered void and the student may reactivate their job search process.


Keep everyone informed -- both the Career Management Center and the students -- as you move through the hiring process. We can best serve you when we are all kept up-to-date concerning interviews, offers, and acceptances.