How to Recruit BBA Students

At Goizueta, we make it easy for you to interact with our students and staff in meaningful and productive ways. Our goal as career professionals is to help you identify and build relationships with candidates who have the skills that fit your organization’s immediate, short and long-term goals. We understand that each organization has different needs, and we are committed to helping you develop a recruiting strategy that works best for your company’s goals. That's why we offer a wealth of ways to recruit at Goizueta.

Calendar of Events

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To learn more about how you can get involved in any of these events please contact Jennifer Ross.

Recruiting Presentation

One of the best ways to engage with current Goizueta students is to set up a corporate presentation. You can conduct a presentation on campus or present your content virtually. Either way, you’ll have the chance to interact with our students and build brand awareness and employment opportunities specific to your organization. Here's how it works:

Presentations on Campus:

  • Include a formal presentation followed by Q&A and networking
  • Are targeted events for companies interviewing on campus
  • Foster networking/relationship building and are strong brand builders

Virtual Presentations:

  • Include options such as a webinar or video-conference presentation; one or two-way communication
  • Are targeted events for companies interviewing off-campus and those looking to gauge initial interest
  • Require limited resources and allow you to engage students from multiple locations

Scheduling a Presentation

Our career professionals will help you customize your visit and assist in marketing, setup and logistics for your event. Email us to schedule a presentation or for more details.

On-campus presentations and some virtual presentations are held in classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment.

Order Resumes

To request undergraduate resumes of our students, please email us. A copy of our resume book will be sent to you at that time.

Schedule an Interview

Recruiters tell us over and over that Goizueta graduates are well educated across all areas of business, and they are strong communicators and leaders. The best way to see our students' distinctions at work is to schedule an interview. You can interview candidates on or off campus -- either way it's one of the most effective ways to connect with them and assess their fit with your organization.

We'll Manage the Entire Process for You

Our career professionals will partner with you, regardless of location, to manage the entire interview process, from posting the position to scheduling interviews. For the most efficient process, please contact us via email.

Post a Job

Whether you are seeking several candidates or just one placement, we are equipped to meet your unique hiring needs. We encourage employers to list BBA job opportunities for full-time and internships directly on the university career website. You may then begin reviewing online resumes of interested candidates as they apply, or allow the system to collect resumes for a designated period of time. Employers will receive candidate resumes, cover letters and transcripts, as requested.

Post A Job

Recruiting Guidelines

The guidelines set forth by the Career Center are designed to define the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in the recruitment process, including students, employers, and staff. Our goal is to facilitate an efficient and well-managed recruiting process that provides a rewarding experience to all our constituents. These guidelines exist to ensure all parties are provided the best possible service and attention necessary to achieve our goals.

Participation in on-campus recruitment is open to the following members of the Emory community: undergraduate and graduate students from Emory College; undergraduate students from the Goizueta Business School; and recent alumni (within one year of graduation) still in the job search process. Students and alumni from other colleges, schools, or programs within the university may be allowed to participate upon approved request from employers. Participation in on-campus recruitment is a privilege, and comes with certain ethical expectations and responsibilities listed below.

Employer Policies


Employers are expected to maintain the confidentiality of student information, regardless of the source (including personal knowledge, written records/reports, social networking websites and computer databases). An employer should not disclose information about a student to another organization without their prior written consent, unless necessitated by health and/or safety considerations.

Accurate Information

Employers are expected to provide accurate information about their organizations and employment opportunities. This includes, but is not limited to: positions available, position responsibilities, career advancement opportunities, and benefits.


An official offer from an employer should be in written format and consist of the minimum information: position title, salary, start date, and work location.


  • Fall Interviews: Employers conducting interviews in the fall semester must give students until the first business day of December to respond to an offer, without pressure to respond on an earlier date. Students interviewing on or after the first business day of December should be given three weeks to respond to an offer.
  • Spring Interviews: Employers conducting interviews in the spring semester must give students three weeks to respond to an offer, without pressure to respond on an earlier date.
  • Full-time Offers to Summer Interns: Employers who give an offer for full-time employment to a student who has had a summer internship with the employer must give students until the first business day of November to respond to an offer, without pressure to respond on an earlier date.

Timely Communication

Employers are expected to inform students of their status in the hiring process and communicate hiring decisions within the agreed upon time frame between the employers and the students.

Fair Treatment

If an employer is required to revoke a job offer that a student has accepted because of changing conditions within the company, student is entitled to a fair and equitable course of action. That action can include, but is not limited to, financial assistance and/or outplacement service.

Testing Information

Employers should inform students in advance of any testing, the purpose of the tests, and their policies regarding disclosure of test results.

Equal Opportunities

Employers are expected to engage in non- discrimination practices in their recruitment activities, and to follow equal employment opportunity and affirmative action principles.

Reporting Salary / Hiring Information

The Career Center requests employers to inform us of all offers of employment that are extended to students in order to ensure that we maintain accurate statistics regarding student employment. Organization’s employment records are kept strictly confidential, and used only for statistical purposes.

Third Party Recruiters

Third-party recruiters are defined as agencies, organizations, or individuals recruiting candidates for temporary, part-time, or full-time employment opportunities other than for their own needs, including:

  • Employment Agencies
  • Search Firms
  • Contract Recruiter
  • Online Job Posting or Resume Referral Services
  • Temporary Agencies or Staffing Services
  • Outsourcing Contractors or Leasing Agencies

Agencies or individuals posting a position with The Career Center must:

  • ONLY select “Third Party Staffing” as the Industry in their general profile on The Career Center’s Eagle Ops system.
  • Choose the appropriate functions/tasks in the Job Function area when entering the position description information.
  • Provide the name of your client within the job description
  • Follow all EEO guidelines, set forth by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
  • Not disclose to any employer, including the client-employer, any student information without obtaining prior written consent from the student. Under no circumstances can student information be disclosed for other than the original recruiting purposes nor can it be sold or provided to other entities.

Third-party recruiters charging fees to Emory students will not be permitted access to The Career Center services.

The Career Center at Emory University reserves the right to terminate an employer account for violation of university policies and procedures.

See Who Recruits at Goizueta

Elite companies from a broad range of industries recruit and hire from Goizueta. Whether you are a Fortune 100 or start-up company, Goizueta students can help meet the needs of your organization. In fact, Goizueta graduates have become known for building powerful careers all over the world at corporations and organizations in a variety of functions and industries. Make Goizueta a focus of your recruiting efforts and see how it will pay dividends for your organization for years to come.

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