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Doug Matthews

At Goizueta Business School, perhaps the most critical part of our mission is the charge given to us by Roberto C. Goizueta: to educate students not just for business as it is today, but as it will be. To do so, our curriculum and academic programs must continually evolve to meet the challenges our students will face when they embark on their careers. Your donations and involvement play an essential role in helping shape the evolution of those programs, as shown by Executive MBA alumnus Doug Matthews.

Sharing Knowledge Gained From a Lifetime's Experience 

By the time he joined Goizueta Business School's first Executive MBA class in 1979, Doug Matthews had two engineering degrees, was a veteran Navy pilot, had more than a dozen years of business experience, and was running his own successful, multinational company. His thirst for learning brought Matthews to Emory for formal business training. When he graduated in 1980 he had gained a new perspective on business, but said that he felt something was missing from the business school's academic program. "At the time, I felt the curriculum didn't place enough emphasis on leadership training and entrepreneurship."

At the invitation of then-dean John Robson, Matthews joined the school's first advisory board in 1986 and is currently the board's longest-serving member. Since then, he has seen Goizueta grow and its leadership programs and entrepreneurial classes flourish. In 1989 he created the Douglas Matthews Entrepreneurial Scholarship to fund the education of MBA students who have demonstrated exceptional entrepreneurial talent, academic merit, and financial need.

Planting the Seeds for Entrepreneurial Education 

"Leadership can be taught," Matthews explains. "You do this by creating more leadership and entrepreneurship opportunities at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Entrepreneurship doesn't mean big business or small business, it means innovation and a willingness to throw aside everything you've been doing to find a new way of doing things."

Goizueta counts on your support and vision to meet its objectives for more quality teaching, expanded research and programming, and additional scholarship funds. By providing a gift for a student scholarship or any of our programs, you can have a direct impact on the quality of the education at Goizueta and help propel the school's prominence among the world's leading business schools.

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