About the Mentor Program

The mission of the Goizueta Mentor Program is to help students bridge the gap between the academic and professional world through the practical insight, coaching and experiences of alumni. This successful program matches students with experienced professionals for career and life guidance and development, while offering alumni an opportunity to strengthen ties to Goizueta Business School. In addition to the relationship between mentor and protégé, there are also events throughout the school year to meet other alumni, professors and students.

How It Works

Students and alumni complete an online application about interests and professional experience, which is then used to match alumni mentors with students. The program begins with an annual kick-off event where protégés and mentors are introduced to each other. Then, over the course of the school year, each pair spends time together regularly to talk, ask questions, share advice and more.


You don't have to live in Atlanta to mentor a Goizueta student. Because many students hope to work outside of the Atlanta area upon graduation, our e-mentoring program puts experienced Goizueta alumni throughout the world in contact with students through phone and email.

Group Mentoring

In the Fall of 2012, the Goizueta Alumni Association launched an additional program to take place alongside the traditional one on one mentor program. The Group Mentoring Program provides opportunities for small groups of students to interact with alumni who are leaders in their field. Group mentoring activities are designed to facilitate an additional opportunity for students to learn, interact and brainstorm with Goizueta Alumni in a less formal setting.

Program Guidelines

Mentors and protégés should talk, email or meet at least once a month to get advice, direction and wisdom for life. Mentor and protégé should schedule these interactions based on their own personal calendars. This can occur at Mentor Program events, Goizueta events, Emory-wide functions or scheduled independently. Mentors can also invite protégés to work, providing an inside look at your company and the role you play. Protégés may consider taking their mentor to a class, but should request faculty permission first.


Applications for the 2014-2015 academic year mentor program will be available in September 2014.

To learn more about the program, email the Office of Alumni Relations or call us at (404) 727-6374.