Commitment to Diversity

Goizueta has a legacy of a commitment to diversity through student recruitment and support organizations. Recently, Goizueta Business School took several major steps to make our commitment to diversity more sustainable and ingrained our culture.

Overview of Diversity

Goizueta has made it a top priority to recruit the best and brightest students, faculty and staff that represent a variety of ethnicities and cultures. Goizueta's commitment is core to our vision of becoming a model business school. Striving to achieve a diverse community at Goizueta Business School is not enough. We have gone a step further in our commitment. We are committed to ensuring that every member of our community is respected, supported and valued while pursuing their studies, research, teaching and professional roles..

Goizueta's Diversity Vision

We aspire to create and sustain a community at Goizueta that is the best place to study and work. In support of this, we are committed to be a destination where all are respected, supported and valued.

Goizueta Strategic Diversity Initiatives

Strategic Diversity Initiatives

Goizueta's Diversity Strategy

Our commitment to diversity is essential to our mission to operate as a model business school developing principled leaders for a global enterprise. That mission is supported by a strategy and action plan targeted at diversity and inclusion and features the following six strategic themes: Recruitment, Retention, Education, Communication, Research and Partnerships and Outreach.


We are committed to having a diverse community and seeks to achieve this through multiple recruiting tools targeted at diverse and under-represented minority groups.


We believe that student support is a core driver of retention and student satisfaction. Our clubs and organizations, as well as our university resources, provide support to our diverse student community.


We are committed to ensuring that our community understands the importance and value of diversity in business, the classroom and society. Our school offers many opportunities to experience this, such as our Diversity Simulation at Orientation, diversity topics in various courses and our student-created Diverse Leadership Conference.


We believe communication is key to managing diverse audiences. We seek to first give students the opportunity to learn how to discuss diversity issues and then inform them of the diversity resources, programs and learning opportunities that are available.


We support research and understanding on the topic of diversity and several Goizueta faculty work in this area, including Jill Perry Smith's work on work-life initiatives and Andrea Hershatter's research on millennials. Erika Hall's research focuses on the influence of race, gender, and class-based implicit biases on interactions within the workplace and the broader society. Melissa Williams' research focuses on the components of interpersonal interaction that operate outside of conscious awareness, and how they affects decision-making, teamwork, success, and relationships at work and in life. She is particularly interested in what happens when power, dominance, and organizational hierarchy intersect with individuals' social identities, such as gender, race, and culture.

Partnerships and Outreach

Goizueta partners with many organizations whose missions include diversity as ours does, and we actively look to increase the numbers of minorities, women and other diverse groups throughout the business world.