Leader Development Program

"Leadership is one of the things you cannot delegate. You either exercise it, or you abdicate it."

-- Roberto C. Goizueta

Goizueta Business School's mission is to develop "principled leaders for global enterprise", building upon the legacy of the late Coca-Cola Chairman and CEO Roberto Goizueta. The goal of our Leader Development Program is to "prepare students to demonstrate effective leadership behaviors regardless of their organizational context."

Our philosophy emphasizes that leadership is a skill developed throughout your life by study, experience, effective feedback, and reflection. The Goizueta Leadership Development Program enables this development, by providing you with the opportunity and tools to grow as a leader during the program and beyond. Our holistic program offers you the opportunity to:

  • Embark upon your own personal leadership journey
  • Acquire the knowledge and competencies needed to become a "Principled Leader for Global Enterprise"
  • Participate in assessment, feedback, coaching, and reflection
  • Measurably increase your leadership competencies as you progress through the program

Learn from Leaders and Experience Leadership

At Goizueta, the idea of creating principled leaders isn't relegated to a single course or a passing notion; it's infused into every aspect of your experience.

We achieve this through a robust leadership curriculum, a variety of co-curricular activities, and immersive experiential learning opportunities. These provide you with the chance to learn the principles of leadership, to practice leading in a team, to give and receive one-on-one and team feedback, to reflect upon your learning, and to repeat the process.